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About me

Always wondering
I'm something between 20 and 30 years old and come from Germany, near Frankfurt. At the moment I live in Malaysia. I've studied communication electronics in Darmstadt and received my diploma lately.

An old picture

In my free time, I do things like listening excessively to music from some Rock fossils like Marillion and Pink Floyd, especially from the latter so better don't enter my car if my radio receiver is damaged. I also enjoy working in the fire brigade, because so different people are meeting there. Multiplayer internet games, are also one of my favourate waste of time. Especially NYSE and NASDAQ. :)


Things I like are science in every form, sitting together with friends and a few bottles of beer while discussing the most senseless philosophical questions on earth.

I often write freeware, that you can download with sourcecode from my website. In fact, that's what the site is actually ment for. The reason why I'm doing this is that I'm using freeware very often for my own. So each time, I see that a certain software doesn't exist and it isn't too much effort to write it for my own, I do it. And maybe someone else can use it, even if it's only to look into the sourcecode. The response shows me that people are using it, so I will continue.

Michael Habermann
ICQ #72150388 (Also H.323 Voice-Chat)

Michael Habermann