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Programs and Code

Here are some small programs including sourcecode.


MozavistaTextField Component that simulates a Textfield like that in Netscape Navigator, with the Syntax of the Altavista Search engine
InstantCracker Study about using character probabillities for password generators
Vier Gewinnt An attempt to find a complete solution for the game "Vier Gewinnt", i.e. every possible turn will be calculated and a path should be found in which the one player has no chance to win. It's not possible to play the game with this program, it's just a mathematical analysis.
Firewallfriendly Messenger Simple Messenger that uses only HTTP, therefore it works behind the most firewalls.
AutoVersionGenerator Generates a Java class that contains program and version information. It also updates the information, like incrementing the build count, automatically.
HTMLTools GUI Tools for HTML programming. Inserts text macros into HTML files. This feature has been used for this sites menu. Also automatic redundance eleminating of the HTML code to decrease the files download size. The tools can also be used in batch files.
AskMe Vocabulary trainer for the KVM. This vocabulary trainer can be run on an Palm Pilot and supports pinyin characters.
Bash Obfuscator Removes comments and unnecessary whitespaces from bash scripts and changes variable names to random meaningless ones. This makes reverse engineering more difficult.


BrowserSwitcher Easily change the standard browser between Netscape and Internet Explorer. Win 95/98/NT Borland Builder
Aries This programm demostrates the capabilities of arithmetic encoding and helps to explain how it works. Win 95/98/NT MS Visual C++
WinDekey Allows to use the windows keys to type German umlauts on a keyboard with QUERTY layout. (Description in German) Win NT/2000/XP MS Visual C++

Michael Habermann