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What's it?

This small programm creates a Java file that contains the build count, a minor and major version, the program name and the compile time. After each run of the software, this information will be updated.

This software is freeware.

How to use it?

Unzip the archive and start the program with java -jar AutoVersionGenerator. It will create the file, that can be edited by yourself. Please update the Application name and the version information after the first run.

Every additional run will update the build information of this file by incrementing it by one. If you call the programm with java -jar AutoVersionGenerator -incrementMinorVersion, it will also increment the minorVersion counter. It is usefull to do this after every released version.

The major version can only be changed by editing the file manually. You should also reset the minorVersion.

If you specify the parameter -class , the javafile is specified by classname. If it contains a package name, the file will be stored in the packages path and an package statement will also be generated.

Another file is in the package: This class is derived from and is not changed by AutoVersionGenerator. It provides methods to format the version data. Sample formats for a program named MyProg, a major version 2, a minor version 3 and a build version 323:

  • MyApp v2.3
  • MyApp v2.03
  • MyApp v2.03.0323
Please look in into the code of for details.

If you have specified a package name, you have to edit to put it into the same package as the generated class or import it's package.


Sourcecode and Executable

Michael Habermann